Evolution of the Sports Construction Industry in AZ

The sport construction industry in Arizona has undergone many changes over time due to an increase in sports popularity in Arizona and advancements in technology and materials.

In the past natural grass was commonly used for constructing sports fields and courts for several sports. However, maintaining grass required a lot of effort, especially in Arizona’s hot and arid climate. In the 1960s, synthetic turf was introduced as an alternative to natural grass, offering a low maintenance sports surface that could withstand harsh and continuous usage. This innovation led to an increase in the construction of sports fields and courts made from artificial turf, not only in Arizona, but throughout the whole country.

Another notable development in Arizona’s sport construction industry is the utilization of poured in place rubber surfaces for playgrounds and sports courts. These surfaces are generally made from recycled rubber material. They provide a slip-resistant surface that is easy to maintain. They have gained popularity throughout the years due to their durability and long-term cost effectiveness, making them an attractive choice for public parks and schools.

The use of hard-court sports surfaces has also become more prevalent in Arizona’s sport construction industry. These surfaces include materials like acrylic, polyurethane, polypropylene, and nylon which are commonly used for outdoor sports such as tennis, pickleball, and basketball. These types of sports surfaces provide great grip and responsiveness, are easy to maintain, and maintain durability in Arizona’s harsh climate.

Another popular trend, in the sport construction industry in Arizona involves using LED lighting for sports courts and fields. LED lights offer energy efficient illumination that can be easily adjusted and scheduled. This not only enhances visibility for players, but also reduces energy expenses and environmental impact.

In summary, the sports construction industry in Arizona has undergone many advancements in materials and construction standards during the last few years. These advancements have resulted in the creation of high-performance and long-lasting sports surfaces. The utilization of turf, poured in place rubber surfaces, hard court sports surfaces, and LED lighting are among the trends that have contributed to enhancing the quality and longevity of sports courts and sports fields in Arizona.




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