Painted Sports Surface Over Sports Tile?

Painted Sports Surface Over Sports Tile?

Acrylic-based sports surface paint remains the best choice when it comes to creating sports surfaces that are both durable and high-performing. Sports tiles are another popular sports surface commonly used by homeowners and recreational courts. However, if your goal is a court that is high-performing and not only a durable material, but a durable color that can withstand Arizona’s heat, then acrylic-based sports surface paint is the best choice as a sports surface.

Athletic courts with sport tiles tend to make balls loose bounce and have an increased number of “dead spots” when compared to traditional hard courts with an acrylic-based sports surface. Sports tiles also lack the grip and speed versatility that different blends of acrylic-based sports surface offer. If you are looking for a court that offers true performance for your sport, be it Pickleball, Tennis, or Basketball, an acrylic-based sports surfaced over a hard court is the way to go.

Designed to withstand use and exposure to the elements, sports surface paint is UV resistant meaning it will not experience extreme color fade or discolor over time as sports tiles tend to do. It’s also engineered to handle the wear and tear resulting from competitive play, making it ideal for high traffic sports areas. Sports tile material itself does tend to last a long time in terms of the plastic itself not breaking, but in the heat, we typically observe a sports tile court fade to un unsatisfactory degree of color within the first year of installation. This leads to unhappy customers who want to repaint their court, but since sports tile painting is not really a feature that sports tiles offer, the customer now must play on a prematurely faded court.

If your goal is to build an athletic court that will give you an optimum playing experience and will look great for years to come, then an hard court surfaced an with acrylic-based sports surface is your best bet.

Why to Build your Pickleball Court with Precision Courts?


Over 25 years of Experience

Precision Courts has over 25 years of experience constructing post-tension concrete athletic courts.


Upmost Supervision on Every Project

Every one of our court build projects is always assisted and supervised by Javier, the founder of Precision Courts who has been working directly in the field for over 25 years.


Competitive Pricing

We do all our work in-house. This means, we are not a general contractor hiring out sub-contractors for your project. We perform the work ourselves, because we have personally been in this industry for over 25 years. We do not need a middle man which adds costs to a project. We work directly with you.


Quality Materials

All our materials are sourced from trusted partners who have each been working in their material production industry for decades. From Cemex to Laykold, we make sure we use high quality construction products for your athletic court project.

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