Best Pickleball Surface for Performance Play

Best Pickleball Surface for High Performance Play

The ideal sub-surface for any athletic court is post-tension concrete. This type of concrete is reinforced with steel cables that are stretched after the concrete has set, resulting in a sturdy playing surface that can withstand crack development for years to come.
Post tension concrete surfaces are highly recommended for athletic courts due to their durability, low maintenance requirements, and consistent bounce. The sports surface they are typically coated with also provides slip-resistant traction which ensures player safety.
It’s worth noting that the surface should be leveled, smooth, properly sloped, and sufficient out-of-bounds space for optimum gameplay. Additionally, choosing a surface color that contrasts well with the color of the ball in play is important to enhance ball visibility for players during play.
Observing what type of sports surface players utilize can help determine the best athletic sports surface. For instance, “The Franklin NYC Open” courts features post-tension concrete with a Laykold sports surface:

To sum it up, post-tension concrete stands out as the best sub-surface choice for most athletic courts. The sports surface should offer an accurate bounce, be slip-resistant, low maintenance, and provide optimal traction.

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