How to Choose Sports Surface Type on an Athletic Court

How to Choose Sports Surface Type on an Athletic Court

When it comes to painting sports surfaces, the choice of paint depends on the requirements of play for an athletic court’s intended use. The following are high quality sports surface types commonly used:

1. Acrylic-Based Sport Surface Paints: These paints are acrylic-based and known for their durability, flexibility, and UV resistance. They dry rather quickly if there is no sitting water on the surface. Acrylic-based sports surface paints can be applied on sub-surfaces like concrete and asphalt. These types of sports surfaces are low maintenance and rather simple to clean.

2. Epoxy Sport Surface Paints: Epoxy paints are highly durable and resistant to chemicals and abrasion. They are often used for indoor sports surfaces like gymnasium floors as they can withstand traffic. Although they take longer to dry and require a lengthy curing time, after curing, they result in a long-lasting surface. These surfaces are optimum for indoor courts.

3. Acrylic Epoxy Sport Surface Paints: These paints combine the durability of epoxy with the ease of application found in paints. They offer adhesion, chemical resistance, and color retention properties. They dry quickly. Can be used on a variety of surfaces including concrete and asphalt. These types of sport surface paints are more of a specialty surface and not commonly used.

Ultimately, choosing the sport surfacing paint for your project depends on factors such as the type of surface the specific sport involved needs and the environmental conditions that the court will face. It is crucial to consider attributes like durability, resistance to wear and tear, adhesion quality, and color retention when deciding on a paint product for a sports surface. Seeking guidance from professionals or consulting with paint suppliers is always recommended to ensure you select the best option for your specific project.

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