Pickleball: Arizona’s Newest and Hottest Sports Craze!

Pickleball: Arizona’s Newest and Hottest Sports Craze!

If you reside in Arizona, you’ve likely observed a growing trend within your community. Pickleball! This enjoyable and relaxed sport has gained popularity in the state. It’s not difficult to understand why. People of all ages and backgrounds, from retirees, to families, and everyone in between are embracing pickleball.

So, what is pickleball anyways? Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. The game takes place on a hardcourt court with a net. Its simplicity makes it easy for both beginners and experienced athletes to play. But what attracts people isn’t only the small learning curve of getting the hang of the sport, but the friendly and inclusive atmosphere that surrounds it. One of the reasons why pickleball is thriving is its adaptability. Whether you’re an athlete or just trying a way to stay relatively active, pickleball is a great choice. It can be a low impact sport for those who want a light workout but can also provide an exhilarating experience for competitive players who want to elevate their skills.

Another factor behind the insanely fast growth of pickleball in Arizona is the sense of community that it creates. Many neighborhoods and community centers in Arizona have designated pickleball courts, serving as gathering places where neighbors and members of the community come together to enjoy matches and share laughter. It’s not only about the game itself but about fostering new friendships and establishing meaningful connections. Pickleball tournaments and social events are sprouting up across the state attracting both players and visitors from within and even outside the state. It’s quite common to witness people cheering each other on and/or exchanging playing tips while playing together.

If you haven’t had the chance to try out pickleball yet, grab a paddle and pickleball, call some friends friends, and head over to a pickleball court near you. You’ll likely find yourself hooked by this incredibly fun sport!

Why to Build your Pickleball Court with Precision Courts?


Over 25 years of Experience

Precision Courts has over 25 years of experience constructing post-tension concrete athletic courts.


Upmost Supervision on Every Project

Every one of our court build projects is always assisted and supervised by Javier, the founder of Precision Courts who has been working directly in the field for over 25 years.


Competitive Pricing

We do all our work in-house. This means, we are not a general contractor hiring out sub-contractors for your project. We perform the work ourselves, because we have personally been in this industry for over 25 years. We do not need a middle man which adds costs to a project. We work directly with you.


Quality Materials

All our materials are sourced from trusted partners who have each been working in their material production industry for decades. From Cemex to Laykold, we make sure we use high quality construction products for your athletic court project.

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