Importance of Having a Dry Perimeter Around and Athletic Court

Importance of Having a Dry Perimeter Around and Athletic Court

It is important to take good care of your athletic court’s surfaces, especially for safety purposes. It is the sports surface that can cause slip and trip hazards to players when the sports surface is not up to par. One of the most often neglected safety factors of athletic court surfaces is removing any sources of humidity surrounding the court’s perimeter. Below are vital safety and longevity factors that can be achieved for athletic courts, simply by ensuring a dry perimeter for such courts.

  • Prevents Surface Deterioration: The materials utilized in outdoor athletic courts can be seriously affected by humidity. Athletic courts are normally built from concrete or asphalt material with their sports surfaces consisting of acrylic-based sport-surface coatings. Extended exposure to moisture can causes damage to these surfaces in the following forms:
  • Cracking and Deterioration: Water entering small cracks slowly expands them as the concrete freezes and thaws, and over time, can cause serious aesthetic, even structural damage. Excessive moisture can also cause efflorescence of the concrete, which leads to a discoloration of the sports surface due to moisture bringing up salts to the surface of the concrete.
  • Surface Damage: Decaying of the surface material when wet for long periods of time. This increases the risk of the court becoming damaged more easily and will need to be patched up or replaced at further cost on an ongoing basis until the causes of excessive moisture in the court is resolved.


Ensuring Player Safety: Safety should be the number one concern for any athletic court. High humidity levels surrounding the court can cause dangerous playing conditions such as.

  • Slippery floor: Moisture that hits the ground can “polish” the sports surface and create a slipping hazard. It is even more dangerous in fast-moving sports such as basketball and tennis.
  • Mold and Mildew Growth: Moisture leads to mold and mildew, which could make the surfaces slippery and result in breathing problems for the players.


How to Manage Humidity Near Athletic Courts: Several effective strategies for controlling humidity that can be implemented around the outdoor athletic courts include:

  • Good Drainage Systems: Efficient water drainage away from the court can help prevent moisture buildup. This involves well-constructed slopes, storm channels, and avoiding having “birdbaths” of the structural surface of the sports slab.
  • Vegetation Management: Avoiding vegetation near the court is a great practice. Vegetation comes with increased levels of surrounding humidity, so avoiding these helps keep unwanted humidity from your court.


Preventing humidity penetration at the edge of outdoor sports floors is a necessary measure to maintaining the integrity of the sports surface and avoiding player injuries. It is always best to keep an arid immediate perimeter around an athletic court for moisture mitigation purposes.

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