Evolution of the Sports Construction Industry in AZ

Evolution of the Sports Construction Industry in AZ The sport construction industry in Arizona has undergone many changes over time due to an increase in sports popularity in Arizona and advancements in technology and materials. In the past natural grass was commonly used for constructing sports fields and courts for several sports. However, maintaining grass … Read more

Pickleball in America

Pickleball in America Check Out this CBS Broadcast Looking at the Huge Popularity Increase of Pickleball in the US Why is Pickleball becoming so popular ? Pickleball has become the fastest growing sport in America during the last few years. It may come as a surprise that a brand-new like pickleball sport is taking over … Read more

Concrete Vs Asphalt Athletic Court Construction

Athletic Court Construction: Concrete Vs Asphalt Both concrete and asphalt are construction materials used in the construction of athletic courts. However, there are many reasons as to why concrete is way more beneficial for as a construction material for athletic courts when compared to asphalt. Concrete proves to be a very long-lasting construction material. Athletic … Read more

Should you use Post-Tension Concrete for Athletic Courts?

Should you use Post-Tension Concrete  for Athletic Courts? When it comes to building athletic courts, post-tension concrete is the way to go. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider using post-tension concrete for your next athletic court construction project. Firstly, post-tension concrete offers a high level of longevity and durability. It … Read more

Painted Sports Surface Over Sports Tile?

Painted Sports Surface Over Sports Tile? Acrylic-based sports surface paint remains the best choice when it comes to creating sports surfaces that are both durable and high-performing. Sports tiles are another popular sports surface commonly used by homeowners and recreational courts. However, if your goal is a court that is high-performing and not only a durable … Read more

Importance of Resurfacing your Pickleball Court

Importance of Resurfacing your Pickleball Court (applying first coat  of primer to a new post-tension concrete pickleball court) Pickleball is a sport that is gaining popularity across all age groups. As more people are drawn to the game, maintaining safe, high quality pickleball courts is becoming increasingly important. One crucial aspect of athletic court maintenance is … Read more

How different tennis surfaces stack up against each other

Full tennis court stadium game

How different tennis surfaces stack up against each other How different tennis surfaces stack up against each other Although tennis at first glance seems pretty much like any other sport out there, you only have to dive slightly deeper to find out just how unique it actually is. While popular sports such as football and … Read more

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