Cave Creek Residential Pickleball Court

Cave Creek Residential Pickleball Court

Completed Court
Forming Completion
Setting Net Post Sleeves
Net Post Sleeve Footer
Galvanized Chainlink Fence Installation
The A-Team Painting Crew
Chainlink Fence
Framework Painting
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Interesting Facts About The Project

Just as quick drop of information, the chainlink fence we install first involves installing the fence framework (vertical and horizontal posts) which come galvanized with no paint. Shipping painted posts damages the pant and once unloaded the paint on the posts is pretty damaged, also, when adding hardware to it it gets scuffed, then repainting it does not get rid of the thick scuffed and scraped paint. For that reason, the last step to our chainlink fencing installation is the painting of the hardware.

However, the chainlink fabric that we install does already come with the main color of the fence. This is because the chainlink fabric needs to actually not only be painted, but coated with a thick, resilient vinyl membrane. Such is very resistant and does not get damaged with fence installation procedures. This project also involved adding some masonry block on one length end of the court, and then installing chainlink fence posts within such block, it was very nice!

They did a beautiful job with the Pickleball court and did so earlier than expected. I really appreciate their professionalism. They're on my permanent list of contractors for my new builds from now on!
Kenneth Betancourt
Home Developer

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