Post-Tension Concrete Athletic Court Slab

Post-Tension Concrete Athletic Court Slab

Some Images of Fresh PT-Concrete Athletic Court Slabs

What is an Athletic Hard Court
(and why build do post-tension concrete one?)

Athletic court surfaces that are solid/hard are known as “hardcourts”. The type of material used for hardcourts differs, usually based on budgets and maintenance plans expected for the future. The two most common types of hardcourt surface materials are concrete and asphalt. Between the 80’s to early 2000’s, asphalt hardcourts were one of the most common form of Hardcourts for Tennis. This was because asphalt was fairly cheaper to use as the construction material for the court compared to other materials such as concrete. Asphalt courts however came with a downside, the materials itself easily broke down and cracked rapidly compared to concrete. As concrete became more affordable and competed more and more with the price of asphalt, courts begin being constructed from concrete, which cracked less and had overall less structural issues than asphalt courts.

Nowadays, the most common type of hardcourt surface being built for courts is from post-tension reinforced concrete. Post-tension concrete is the best material to build athletic hardcourts courts from. Post-tension reinforced concrete puts an additional compressive and anti-tensile strength on the concrete it reinforces. This compressive force immediately closes any cracks that occur in the concrete throughout the lifetime of that concrete.

zoomed-in damaged asphalt surface

This results in less repairs needed for the court like patching for example. Nowadays, the cost to build a court from asphalt vs concrete is closely comparable. In the long run, choosing to build a court from concrete ends saving the owner of the court a lot more in repair costs than in the initial construction cost of the court from post-tension reinforced concrete rather than asphalt. 

zoomed-in concrete surface

The surface of an athletic court determines the safety, playability, and overall playing experience of a game. We at Precision Courts Construction always make sure every single court is built based on the latest athletic court construction industry standards and construction code. Whether the courts we are building are for the casual player or professional athlete, rest assured your court is built to a professional-tier athletic court standards.

Summary of Athletic Court Post-Tension Slab Construction

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