Granite Dells and American Ranch Windscreen Installation

Windscreen Installation

Professional High Strength Windscreen
High Wind Area Engineered Windscreen
Uses wind holes to reduce wind resistance against the windscreen
Premium Windscreen (Tuffy, Collins, Chromabond)
Customized To Perfectly Fit Your Court
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Interesting Facts About The Project

Wind holes were added to windscreen to allow for reduced air resistance against the chainlink fence. Lower strength hog-rings that are used to grab the windscreen to the chainlink fabric were used since they can open up a bit when really high winds are active, thus reducing the load on the fence itself.

We get really strong winds here in Prescott. Our previous windscreen had almost completely blown off the fence a day after installation. Chris explained to me why he added dual wind-holes in the windscreen to lower the air resistance when the winds hit. He also explained that he reinforced the windscreen installation with additional hogrings in some grommets. He also stated that however, the amount of grommets had to be balanced since too much reinforcement could lead to the windscreen damaging the fence itself if it did not allow for hogring expansion when excessive wind speeds came around. Chris was super-knowledgeable ad our windscreen is doing its job!
Ashley Ortiz
HOA Board President

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