Grass Courts

Grass Courts

Grass courts are the original surface of Tennis. Since the game of Tennis first arose, it was first played on grass surfaces such as gardens. Grass courts are the fastest type of Tennis surface. The ball bounce from grass surfaces is fast and its skid can be unpredictable, which calls for high skills from its players to control the ball as expected. It is also common for Tennis players who play in grass for the first time to express the additional strain that playing on a grass court puts on the body as opposed to playing on hard courts. As Jason Gay from The Wall Street Journal mentioned: “Placement Over Power” is key when playing on a grass Tennis court”

Grass courts are a lot more expensive to build and maintain than hard courts or clay courts, hence you normally only see them in official tournament arenas or very high-end resorts. At the end of the day, grass courts offer the most challenging surface to play on. If you are a Tennis pro who wants to challenge yourself and your trainees to the max, then a grass court is the way to go.

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