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Dual Tennis Courts Post-Tension Conrete Athletic Slabs

Court 2 Freshly Finished Concrete
Court 1 Freshly Poured
Court 2 Post-Tension Cables
Inter-slab Concrete Reinforcement
Concrete Slab Turndown
Court 1 Tarped
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Two official USTA sized Dual Tennis courts. (Dual meaning they are butted next to each other)

We have not renovated our courts in a very long time. The existing courts were extremely deteriorated and previous crack repairs actually worsened every time after a few months. I spoke with Chris and he explained that they were able to build two new post-tension concrete courts on of the existing courts and use them as the subgrade. He explained how this would prevent any future cracks of the new courts and how they would achieve that. The courts are beautiful!
Kimberly Yu
HOA Board Member

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