Multi-Sport Court Construction

Multi-Sport Court Construction

Multi-sport courts are becoming very popular among homeowners. A multi-sport court is a court that incorporates many sports. withing one single playing surface. This is achieved by painting all the game lines of all sports that will be included in the multi-sport court. Also, any equipment and accessories for all sports included in the multi-sport court can also be all installed permanently, or can be installed in a way by which the homeowner could easily remove and re-install such equipment and accessories, such as nets and basketball hoop systems that can slide in and out of sleeves within the surface.

The process for building a multi-sport court requires further consideration of what dimensions the slab for the court should be, what sports you want to mix in within the court, and what colors you want to chooses for each specific sport incorporated into the court. Sometimes when you want to mix in several sports within one court, it is necessary to expand the size of the court, even bigger than the sport which will require the most space within the court, because it is possible that the other sports that need to be added to the court must be separated from each other, depending on the sport and it’s rules. Below are some popular multi-sport court combinations:

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