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Specifications: New Court Construction

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Concrete Slab Construction Process

Chainlink Fencing Construction Process

Resurfacing Process

Sport Court Full Construction Process Summary

  • Mark the area where the court will be built
  • Excavate/Grade the existing terrain where court will be built (Unnecessary if court will be placed over on existing surface)
  • Form the court
  • Lay ABC (Aggregate Base Course) over terrain within the formed area
  • Compact the ABC sub-grade
  • If this is a Tennis, Pickleball, or Volleyball court, set the net sleeves in concrete footers where they should go, and any other surface mounted accessories such as net pins
  • Lay vapor barrier (polyethylene tarp) over sub-grade
  • Lay down concrete recinforcement: either post-tension cables or rebar
  • Set screed stakes within court (Pins used to level the surface and slope of concrete for the screeding process)
  • Pour, level, and finish the court (Pour refers to pouring concrete inside the formed area)
  • After court has dried enough to the touch and will not sink or malform while stepping on it, place a vapor barrier over it to allow for proper curing during full hydration process
  • Remove vapor barrier from the surface of the court after about 3-5 days
  • Remove concrete wood forms
  • Court is then left to continue to fully strengthening until it has been a minimum of 31 days since the pour
  • Court is flood checked to see if there are any high/low spots on the surface, and if so, such are repaired
  • Fence and light posts are installed
  • Chainlink fabric is installed
  • Light arms and light heads are installed onto light posts
  • Court is prepped for surfacing
  • Court is surfaced (painted)
  • The court is complete!

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