We build all our Futsal courts according to the United States Futsal (USFF) and the FIFA Futsal division. We first begin by knowing our customer’s plan about their vision of their future court. Where do they envision their courts? What are the surroundings of the court? What features do they want in the court? How often will they play in the court? The answers and descriptions to these questions are vital, so that we can give our customer the best advice for their court based on our experience. After giving our customers information on the available options for the construction of their dream Futsal court, and discussing specifics, we decide whether we need to pull a permit for the project, depending on the area and status of the zoning where the court will be built. After permits are decided upon and/or approved, the construction phase begins.

-The area where the court will be built is marked.
-The first sub-grade is graded and leveled
-The court is formed to prepare for the concrete pour
-An ABC Foundation is poured over the first sub-grade, is then graded, leveled, and compacted
-Vapor barrier is applied over the graded and compacted ABC sub-grade
-Post-Tension/Rebar (Most cases Post-Tension and preferably Post-Tension) is put down in the concrete slab area according to dimensions of the slab construction
-Level stakes are set within court to control court’s slope
-Court is poured, leveled, and finished
-Slab is covered wit vapor barrier over it’s surface to allow for curing
-Court vapor barrier is removed
-Concrete forms are removed
-Court is left to continue to cure and strengthen until the minimum 28-day full concrete strengthening time period
-Court is flood checked to look for any possible low/high spots and repaired if there are any imperfections on the slab’s surface
-Fence posts and light posts are installed
-Chainlink fabric is installed
-Lightheads are installed
-Court is prepped for surfacing, then surfaced (painted)
-The court is complete!

This is just a simplified version of the process of building a Futsal court, but it gives our customer’s a light breakdown of the process throughout which their Futsal court is built by us.

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