Residential Double Pickleball Court

(New pickleball court build with chain-link fencing)

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Interesting Facts About The Project

This court did not have LED lighting installed. However, it was built with the installation of LED sports lighting being installed in the future in mind. Each pickleball court between the dimensions of 60’X30′ and 64’X34′ use a 4 light configuration. In the case of these double pickleball courts, 8 light heads would be necessary for proper photometrics of both courts. 2 light heads would be installed on each opposite end of the court’s on the 64′ foot edges. Then there would be two light posts, each with two light heads in the center. Because the our client wanted to have the possibility of easily being able to add LED sports lighting in the future, we installed all the necessary underground conduit necessary.

At the center, we blocked out space for future concrete footers for two light posts. These sauna tube openings were filled with compacted ABC and covered with a thin but resistant layer of concrete. This means this thin concrete cover on the court can be painted over for now so that these sauna tube openings are not visible and can be resurfaced. In the future when the owner is ready to installed LED lighting, the thing concrete covering can easily be demolished and removed, for the installation of new concrete footers for the two center light posts.

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