Residential Multi-Sport Court | January 2024

Residential Multi-Sport Court | January 2024

(New multi-sport court build with: post-tension concrete, sports surfacing, chain-link fencing, LED sports lighting, and a multi-sports customizable net)

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Project Description

This was a custom size, custom shape, multi-sport court. As seen in the images of the court, this court contains California corners (45° corners) instead of standard perpendicular corners. The court contains LSI ZNM lighting, made specifically for sports lighting. Since this court is closer to a traditional 120’X60′ Tennis court size, a 6 light configuration is recommended for optimum photometrics, and such lighting configuration was applied. The court contains a concrete block backstop wall on one end. This court displays a 3-solid-color configuration wit2 2-stripe-colors for one tennis, one basketball, and one pickleball court. A multi-sport net system was installed, allowing the owner to adjust the height of the net for a wide variety of games (some that are not even on the court itself such as volleyball). We are very happy to have been selected to build this highly customized court!

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