Mesa Residence Court

State of Asphlat Tennis Court at the Beginning of teh Project
Cracked and Delaminated
At this point, this court was no longer repairable. Cracks were ever-growing every year and the surface of the asphalt had completely spalled.
Post-Tension Concrete Overlay Preparation
This job was performed by a post-tension concrete overlay. A post-tension concrete overlay is where a certain amount of area from the edges of the existing floor/slab are sawcut and removed. This allows for the new post-tension concrete slab to be poured over the current asphalt slab, having reinforced, thick edges/turndowns. On top of this, we are the only ones in the industry to add compressive foam on the edges of the existing asphalt slab to allow for the post-tension concrete to have more compressive area leeway. This means that is any cracks are ver to develop on the slab, the concrete slab can slide and compress onto itself to immediately close those cracks back up, having additional compressive area to use from the installed foamed edges on the existing asphalt slab.
Another Compressive Foam Image
The white edge visible on the side of the asphalt slab is the compressive foam edge which gives the post tension concrete more compressive area to work with since it must also compress any existing empty spaces from the existing asphalt slab that is used as the new concrete slab's subgrade.
Fresh Pour
The first bull-float passes right after screeding.
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I'm super excited to get paying in my new court! Precision Courts gave me a variety of colors to choose from and offered the best warranty across all companies I contacted before having them redo my court. Javier was a pleasure working with.
Ivan Bautista
Home owner

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